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Tana Russet Plaza, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Efficient corporate solutions in Vanuatu

International Company (IBC) in Vanuatu
0% taxation.
Nominee directors / shareholders. Registered within 1 working day.
Virtual Address in Port Vila.
Call answering, mail handling.
Vanuatu Local Company incorporation
Fastest bank accounts.
Nominee directors / shareholders. Registered within 2 working days.
Virtual Address in Port Vila.
Call answering, mail handling.
Trust incorporation in Vanuatu
Offshore and onshore trusts can utilise all advantages of Vanuatu financial center status.
Full nominee services.
World's fastest process.
Forex License in Vanuatu
Forex License within 30-60 days.
Provision of staff.
Real presence in Vanuatu.
Software, bank accounts, liquidity.
All-inclusive from 25.000 USD
Offshore Banking License in Vanuatu
Banking License in 2-6 months.
Provision of staff. Office opening.
Software, SWIFT.
Correspondent banking.
All-inclusive from 25.000 USD
Onshore Banking License in Vanuatu
Full Banking License in Vanuatu.
Provision of staff. Branch opening.
Software, SWIFT.
Correspondent banking.
All-inclusive from 50.000 USD
Insurance Company License in Vanuatu
Fast Insurance Company License.
Provision of staff. Local office.
Software, actuaire.
Re-insurance providers.
All-inclusive from 35.000 USD
Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in Vanuatu
Securitization of operations.
Joint investment vehicles.
Zero tax SPV / SPE / FVC.
Offshore SPV in Vanuatu.
Nominees, bank accounts.

Additional services:

Additional services
Certificate issued by Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) is required to invest in Vanuatu. BUSINESS.VU will help you to obtain one or structure business without the need to obtain VIPA.
Business Licenses
Almost every business activity in Vanuatu is licensed. Some licenses are only issued to ni-vanuatu, but some are available for foreign investors. We will guide you and find a solution in any situation.
Work Permits
Work permits are required if a foreign citizen is undertaking any job in Vanuatu, even settin up his own office for a newly licensed bank. We will help you to avoid any troubles and do it effeciently.
Bank Accounts in Vanuatu
Bank account opening process in Vanuatu can be not as straightforward as in other destinations. We usualy open personal bank account within 1-2 working days and business account within 2-4 working days.
Foreign Bank Accounts
As Group Vanuatu roots are coming from Europe, we have brilliant contacts in various Swiss, Cyprus, Russian, Hong Kong, Singapore and other banks. An account for Vanuatu company within a week? Easy.
Business Valuation
If you are either a ni-vanuatu or a foreigner looking to sell/buy business in Vanuatu or attract investors, we are here to assist you. Professional business valuation under highest international standards.
Business Brokerage
Group Vanuatu has a network of High-net-worth individuals from UAE, CIS, China and other regions who are looking to buy a business or invest in a joint venture in Vanuatu. We invest ourselves too.
Tax Planning and Optimization
Which country can be better to optimize taxes and enjoy lowest effective tax rates in the world? Vanuatu with its financial center and investor-friendly regulations since 1974 shall be your first choice.


Group Vanuatu is member of McMillan Woods and actively provides B2B solutions. Our team knows how to operate in Vanuatu, how to get good ROI and how to design a product for international client. You shall take care of marketing and offer our products to existing clients. Get in touch and receive an individual offer.

Why co-operate with BUSINESS.VU?
  • Guaranteed deadlines and performance based fees
  • We pay you a fair share of our professional fees
  • You may work with us on a white-label basis
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Ground Floor, Tana Russet Plaza
Port Vila, Vanuatu
P.O. Box 1788